S&T Marble owns three marble quarries in the wilayat of IBRI & IZKI, Oman


Popular marbles: Agion Beige (Dark), Agion Beige (Light) and Vera Silk
Production capacity: 3000 m3/month
Reserves in quarry: 880,000 m3
Place: IBRI

The LAYLA Quarry is fully developed and production comes from three regular benches to ensure consistent supply of all variants at any point of time.


Popular marbles: Snow Pearl and Rose Pearl
Production capacity:1000 m3/month
Reserves in quarry: 7,600,000 m3
Place: IBRI

The Fatima quarry is one of the biggest quarries in Oman. It is a fully operational quarry.


Products: Zahra Beige and Zahra Classic
Production Capacity: 1000 m3/month
Reserves in quarry:  180,000 m3
Place: IZKI

The Zahra quarry is a fully operational quarry.